L'Appel Du Vide EP

by Dead End Riviera

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'L'Appel Du Vide' is the debut EP by Dead End Riviera.


released May 4, 2015

Emma Hewitt (vocals)
Steve Maloney (guitar, synths, vocals)
Harry Garbutt (piano, organ)
Al Hamilton (bass)
Ed Thompson (drums, percussion)

Produced by Steve Maloney. Recorded, mixed & mastered at The Crawlspace, England 2015.



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Dead End Riviera UK

Inspired by la debauche et la mort - and the conviction that all you need for a pop group is a girl and a gun (or something like that) - DEAD END RIVIERA perform sleazy lounge noir for the jaded.

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Track Name: Over & Over
We never said this was meant to be more than some good dirty fun | But I'd be a liar if I said playing with fire didn't make my fever run | You'll fuck me up | And I'll fuck you over | I didn't need you to stay, I couldn't quite ask you to go | I wanted your touch a little too much and I guess it started to show
Track Name: Don't Matter To Me
The sun sneers down on a brand new day | And all the gridlocked fools in their hire-purchase cages | And it don't matter to me | In a hundred years they'll be dead and gone | And no one will even remember this song | But you know, it don't matter to me | Going to take a car to an ocean view | Take some dumb shits with me as I ride into the blue | Sounds like a good time to me | Keep my pedal to the metal hope I don't lose my nerve | Till the end credits roll and the celluloid burns | It don't matter to me
Track Name: Nowhere Fast
She takes the cage lift to the second floor | Pull focus walk down the corridor | To the door she knows so well | The nausea begins to swell | Dead Prozac eyes and a rictus grin | Staring at the blade of the guillotine | Of another day | Dull and cold and grey | The black water in the corner | Never runs dry | Keeps us going nowhere fast | Would it really kill him to say please just one time? | How did my life come to this? | Was it just something that I missed? | The social contract is a scam | And lady luck's gone on the lam | Rancid breath down the back of the neck | Home counties Hitler in Tattershall check | Should've died before he got old | Revenge is best served cold | There are little pills to make you high | To soothe you with their sweet, sweet lies | But the ones on Susie's mind | Are the ones that makes you die | A steaming cup at a quarter to nine | Black and bitter as strychnine | The boss returns her rictus smile | At roughly nine twenty five
Track Name: Solitaire
Sat here in my cups again, some kind of deja vu | Drinking red wine, Tuesday blue | It helps to pass the time away | Another hour filed away | As the cathode glow tints my room | Solitaire | I like the TV with the sound turned down | Silent as the city when there's no one else around | Marionettes dangling on their strings | Can't begin to comprehend the hang they're in